Sunday, 1 May 2016


Ffederasiwn Anarchaidd Cymru is the Anarchist Federation (AF) in Wales.

The AF works for the inception of an international libertarian communist movement. We believe this movement cannot be produced without the prior construction of a specific anarchist organisation. We contend that for the process of social revolution to be successful it will require the activity of this revolutionary organisation as an integral part of the working class. Nevertheless, we reject any idea that it should act as a self-appointed leader.

The core concept of our anarchist-communist tradition is the need for a praxis that seeks to develop: Theoretical Unity, Tactical Unity, Collective Responsibility and Federalism. In tandem with this, the federation in Wales is concerned with building working class counter-power.

Arguably no single pro-revolutionary entity can operate on all the terrains of struggle needed to build counter-hegemony to capitalism. As a minority political movement we therefore support a proliferation of tendencies which can act as an ecology for furthering class struggle beyond either the catch-all ethos and sectarianism of the vanguard party model or the unreliable and vague network model.